Merging Design and Functionality

I am an Integrated Digital Media (masters) student at New York University with a major in User experience design and research. I love to understand human behavior and their interaction with products. I use these insights to design products.


I have discovered User experience and HCI is the perfect blend of my passion for studying human behavior and technology. I have a background in Product Management and  have worked with start-ups in India. Formerly I worked with SHEROES – a community for women where I played a key role in designing and ideating the website and android app. Currently I am researching at the NYU Makerspace on how design interventions can change behavior of people in a physical space. Apart from that I am keen on assistive tech and solving problems in healthcare. I swear by data, all my product and design decisions are based on data.

When not working I am found swimming, reading, watching movies or building my music playlist.

Check out my work here and here is a link to my resume. I sometimes like to write and here are some of writings.