SHEROES Website Redesign

SHEROES is a career destination for women, giving them access to opportunities, mentorship & a network for women. The website had a lot of features which were hard to discover and were not user friendly. In this redesign, I attempted to redesign SHEROES website to improve discoverability, improve engagement and increase retention rates.

Heuristic Analysis – 

To understand the issues with existing UI, we did a Heuristic analysis based on Jakob Nielsen’s usability heuristics and found huge gaps.

The initial research data was gathered using Google Analytics, Betaout – a customer segmentation tool and an internal mechanism of analytics. Data was also collected over mails and by using NPS (Net Promoter Score) feedback mechanism.

The existing website had following features that needed change – 

  1. Jobs page
  2. Mentor page
  3. User Dashboard
  4. Profile edit

Key research findings (page wise)- 

Users found it hard to find jobs/mentors of their interest. The discoverability was low for all elements on website. The profile was hard to edit and took very long to fill for all job seekers. The entire platform wasn’t intuitive. The bounce rate was high on the website due to which engagement remained low.

Changes made 

  1. Jobs page – 


Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 8.23.46 PM.png


6. Jobs.png


1) This screen had a filter to enable users to find jobs which suited their profile – this lowered the bounce rate by over 20%

2) They could explore jobs posted chronologically

3) Introducing the snapshot of Job description in first screen with a call to action where users could apply directly. This feature increased the number of applications for jobs

2. Mentor Page 


Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 8.29.27 PM


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


1) This screen had a filter to enable users to find mentors according to the area of their expertise without having to scroll

3. User Dashboard 

New feature added for following reasons –

  1. Improve discoverability across the site for a logged in user according to their interests – an element of personalization
  2. Help users track their activity on site – bookmarked articles, jobs applied, manage mentor questions asked
  3. Give status of profile – whether it is complete or not

The final design of dashboard –

8. Dashboard

4. Profile 


  1. Number of users completing profiles increases because of one screen experience and distributing the profile filling in 5 phases
  2. The basics like profile picture, skills & current status were highlighted on the left as shown in above picture

Final design – 

10. Edit Profile 1.png


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