Project overview

GeoJobs – idea was to solve the employment problem, for people who couldn’t commute but could work from home.  I came up with a location based hiring app for both companies and job seekers. It enabled both to find jobs and talent nearby. It connected with recruiters and talent directly on real time on chat

TeamSairee Chahal and Srishti Kush


 Step 1 – Identifying problem and market

Connecting skilled people who couldn’t commute to faraway places in metro cities to local businesses. It was a two problem businesses couldn’t find talent and talent could not find jobs as per their skills.

Step 2 – Coming up with a solution

What is the solution?

  • Location based hiring app
  • Find jobs and talent nearby
  • Hiring and finding jobs made easier and quicker
  • Connect with recruiters/talent directly on chat
  • Real time
  • Aids discovery of local jobs and matches with local talent supply

Step 3 – User flow

This is an app with two user types – job seeker and job provider with some common features like chat, notifications & profile. I worked on user flow, identifying the user at the first step of onboarding. The screens below explain the entire process.

Step 4 – Wireframing

The slideshow below describes the complete flow and has the initial wireframes for both user types:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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