Northwell Health is the largest health system in New York State and has over 750 hospitals and care centers. Every time a patient visits any of these facilities they need to fill patient forms which are printed out on paper and in some cases patients fill them out on tablets available in the facility. Some of these forms are common for all facilities, these include consent forms, notice of privacy policy and health information form. Apart from the common forms there are also forms that are specific to the kind of care patient is seeking. Paper forms and filling out these forms on tablets has loopholes which include - 
- Repeat patients need to fill the common forms with same information each time they visit a Northwell facility 
- Maintaining private documents in form of paper is a huge logistical and operational cost 
- Use of tablets in facilities can lead to longer queues and wait times since there are limited number of tabs 
- Tablets are also a big cost to the company 
Project brief​​​​​​​
- Access the forms anytime using their profile 
 -Once they schedule their appointment they can fill the forms before their appointment using the app or on website
- They do not need to fill the common forms every time the get an appointment, since a common system is used for all facilities 
Team - 2 designers
My role – Experience Planning,  User Journey,  Work flow,  Prototyping, Design
Project status– Ongoing
We started with identifying when a patient would need to fill a form and the multiple pathways to fill forms, example a new user filling forms using the app. 
To fill forms a user needed to create a Northwell account and verify their identity whole signing up. The verification process was added to protect user's personal Health Information. We partnered with a third party app - Experian to verify a user's identity.
We mapped out different ways a new or old patient could land on a screen that prompted them to fill forms. The image below demonstrates the brainstorming for this process -

Initial flow mapping and experience planning for existing and new patients 

Experience journey for a patient who has a repeat appointment

Wireframing and Design
The below mock-ups demonstrate the landing screening a user sees when they are logged out and are prompted to fill forms via an e-mail. 

Hi-fi mockups

Final Designs

The screens below show the pathway of how a patient lands on the screen with forms through a notification on their phone.
Notification on homescreen
Notification on homescreen
Prompt to get started
Prompt to get started
List of forms in app
List of forms in app
Project hindsight/Challenges
This project required us to partner with existing and new third party apps which added limitations in terms of features and design. This is also an ongoing project and the work demonstrated here is the MVP version of the project. 

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