My Design Process

The driving force of human behavior has always fascinated me. I am intrigued to study how people are motivated to use products, what is their behavior and aim to make their experience better.

I love learning about new softwares and devices, and optimizing the use of technology around me. Having a computer science background I learnt the nuances of coding, but always wanted to do more than just that. As tech innovations begin to advance, I realize there is a huge opportunity for me to solve significant problems and make a positive impact in people’s lives through technological solutions.

As a UX designer I have strived to build products that are user centric. I am always enhancing my process but typically it has 6 simple steps:

  • Research – gain context of market/user, build user personas
  • Ideate – define problem and work on solution
  • User Journey, flow – define the user journey
  • Prototype – iterative wireframes
  • Design & test – finalize design and test with small group
  • Development – Ship


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