I am a User Experience Designer at GEP. My work at GEP revolves around making platform and developer tools for internal and client teams. I also work on the Design Systems team. 
I have a Masters degree in Integrated Digital Media from New York University with a major in User experience design and research. Before GEP I worked at Northwell Health - a Healthcare system in the tri-state area.
Once upon a time I used be a Product Manager and worked with start-ups in India.  Including SHEROES - a community for women where I played a key role in designing and ideating the website and Android app. 
I also worked on a research project at the NYU MakerSpace on how to design interventions that can change the behavior of people in a physical space. 
I am keen on design systems accessibility, inclusive design, healthcare and assistive tech. To know more about my work checkout my portfolio
Check out my resume by clicking on below link:
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